Parents of Twice-Exceptional Kids in New York City

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Do you have a twice exceptional child - a child who is both gifted and has special needs? Most 2e children are not recognized until they are in school - often not until they are well into their education and then start to lag behind. Maybe your child is in a gifted program and floundering, or in a special ed program and not being challenged? 

Children who are twice-exceptional (2E) often test poorly - scoring in the superior or exceptional range on some sections of an IQ test, and below average in others - leading to a full scale IQ result that doesn't really represent your child's abilities - and placement in school programs that don't meet their needs.

Our group will focus on school-age children and the complex issues they face on a daily basis, as meeting the academic needs of twice-exceptional children can be just as challenging as meeting their social and emotional needs.

If you are parent of such a child, we feel your joy (and your pain). With the lack of resources available for our children, this is our own space to exchange resources and get help. 

Maybe some of these things apply to your child:

* Superior vocabulary
* Poor social skills
* Advanced ideas and opinions
* High sensitivity to criticism
* High levels of creativity and problem-solving ability
* Lack of organizational and study skills
* Extremely curious, imaginative, and questioning

If you would like to join our group, we'd love to hear from you!   Look out for our questions to answer upon requesting to join this group.

Best, Jenn, Group Owner

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